ACS Certified Cheese Professional™ Authorized Education Center The Academie MonS was the first Certified Cheese Professional™ Authorized Education Center accredited by the American Cheese Society. The ACS recognizes our programs as aligned with and the domains of information deemed necessary for mastery by Cheese Professionals as outlined in its Body of Knowledge. Just as the ACS CCP™ credential is gaining recognition internationally, our programs have been designed to inform, educate and train cheese professionals from any country in universal principles and essential knowledge.
La France In France, the Academie MonS also provides training through the French National Centre de Formation des Produits Laitières (the French national dairy products training center), and for professional hotel schools through the CNIEL (Centre National Interprofessionnel de l'Economie Laitière), the French National Dairy Council.
Academy of Cheese logo Academie Mons instructor Sue Sturman was among the first people to recieve Level One Certification from the Academy of Cheese, the UK's certification program. She has been working with the Academy to develop training materials for the Level Two certification exam. The Academie Mons is proud to sponsor the Academy of Cheese.

Certified Cheese Professional™ (CCP™) is a registered trademark of the American Cheese Society® (ACS). ACS has authorized The Academie MonS as an ACS CCP™ Authorized Education Center based on The Academie MonS' representation that its course content aligns with the ACS Body of Knowledge and ACS CCP™ Exam domains. ACS is not responsible for the content of this course. ACS does not warrant or guarantee course content, accuracy of information, effectiveness of test preparation, or individual performance on the ACS CCP™ Exam.