Cheeses in the


Interest in career development, improved performance on the job, and/or pursuing an independent professional undertaking within the dairy industry.


Letter of intent and goals

Maximum one page letter outlining your motivations for study at the Academie, and your personal and professional objectives. This letter is essential to our teaching methodology: in our small class setting we do our best, within the constraints of the established curriculum, to adapt to the specific objectives and needs of our clients.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Preferably demonstrating a minimum of 500 hours experience working in the cheese industry, acquired within the past five years.

In order to avoid elevated travel fares, and in order for us to ensure your housing arrangments, we recommend that applications be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of your course.

All Applications Subject to Approval.

Once we have reviewed and approved your application, we will email you a confirmation.... please be sure to include a valid email address on the application!

Cancellation Policy

Academie MonS cannot refund payments made for courses. If you cannot attend a course you have been accepted for, we can transfer your deposit to another date, within 18 months of your original course date. Once a balance payment has been made, no tuition transfer or refund is possible.

Payments can only be transferred to other courses within the same country.

The Academie reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of insufficient enrollment; in this case we will transfer your enrollment to your second choice date as indicated on your course application form. If we have cancelled the course and no second choice course is feasible the Academie will refund your tuition.