Swiss cheese

The MonS Company

The MonS Company, rich with over 50 years experience, is involved in all domains of the cheese business, from production and product sourcing through affinage, national and international distribution, wholesale, and retail, with five MonS shops in France and MonS installations in ten Casino supermarkets across France, a model MonS established in 2011.

The Academie shares its roof with the MonS company, Fromager/Affineur, allowing students to be completely immersed in all aspects of the business, working side by side with MonS staff.

MonS Fromager-Affineur began in 1964 when Hubert Mons and his wife Rolande began selling cheese at the markets in and around Roanne. As their expertise grew, so did their business and they established a permanent shop in Roanne.

In the 1980s, Hubert's two sons Laurent and Hervé joined the family business. Laurent took over the family shop in Roanne. Hervé took over the cheese ripening, adding another large maturing room to the premises which was designed to mature slow ripening mountain cheeses.

MonS is now present in over 20 countries worldwide and has grown has grown to include three Affinage centers: the caves and production center at St Haon le Chatel; the Tunnel de la Collonge, a converted railway tunnel in nearby Ambièrle, and a facility in Perpezat dedicated to the affinage of St Nectaire (AOP) cheese. In 2016 a new creamery facility will be brought online in St Haon. The company has six retail shops in France, one in London and one in Neufchatel, Switzerland, and an international distribution system for the fine French cheeses aged in their cellars. MonS training has been an important component in internal staff development and professional growth for thousands of people working in the cheese industry in France since 2005.

Hervé Mons was among the inaugural class of Meilleur Ouvrier de France fromagers in 2000, a prestigious national recognition of his considerable talents and expertise. In 2005 MonS established the first international cheesemonger competition, the International Caseus Award.